Asia Pacific Resources PTE (APR) uses modern technologies and methods to keep costs very low compared with those adopted by conventional mining companies.

Some of these technologies and methods, include:

  • undertaking our own exploration and ore body development;
  • undertaking our own in house feasibility studies and economic evaluations;
  • raising our capital privately;
  • owning all our own earthmoving equipment and plant and undertaking its own repairs and maintenance;
  • owning and operating our own truck fleet;
  • undertaking our own R&D and running our own assay laboratory;
  • constructing and developing new test equipment for design of large scale mining equipment and processes;
  • directly hiring experts applicable to the projects without going through large high-cost consulting groups;
  • keeping administration costs to a minimum;
  • designing and fabricating in house certain, otherwise high-cost equipment, such as flotation cells, apron feeders and leach tanks;
  • constructing site infrastructure in house;
  • procuring and shipping our plant, equipment and consumables from around the world;
  • refurbishing and upgrading second hand equipment for re-use; and
  • fabricating, assembling and commissioning our plant and equipment in-house.

This, and constant innovation, allows us to develop mine sites that would normally be too small or too difficult to generate sufficient return on investment. The biggest hurdle to overcoming this objective for most companies is the enormous cost of hiring large consulting companies to assist them through all the stages of a project — from exploration through to mining. This approach takes a vast amount of capital which also requires high-cost corporate advisory services and public capital raising. Only the scraps of the large amount of wealth tied up in a mining project are then available for distribution between investors, Government, workers and indigenous communities.

Our view is that all our projects should deliver substantial returns to Government (on behalf of the people), Indigenous Landowners and to investors. By cutting out these large consulting companies and the high-cost corporate advisory services in developing our projects, we obtain a much larger slice of the pie for distribution between the four most important groups: investors, Government, workers and indigenous communities.

APR is especially proud to be able to deliver more returns to investors, more taxes to Government, more pay to workers and more royalty to indigenous landowners by taking this approach. We are continually looking for new projects where our skills can be turned to liberating wealth from the earth which would otherwise remain untapped and unusable.

A key element of APR's low-cost strategy is to purchase plant and equipment, such as this truck, second-hand. Refurbishing provides employment and builds on the skills base of our employees, strengthening the company's self-reliance and flexibility.