Our roles in the community and the nation

In making use of a natural resource of Fiji, under licence, APR willingly acknowledges our responsibility to contribute meaningfully to the nation's economic, environmental and social resources. One aspect is to work with people to build stronger communities and family life, and to achieve their individual potential.

This commitment is one that the entire company takes seriously; it is not just "lip service". The company does not meet the commitment through a "bottomless cheque account" (which it does not have, since APR is a small company). Instead it works in partnership with people in the community to achieve the best outcomes for all of us. For example, sometimes the company will contribute its expertise and the skills of employees for an important community project; sometimes it will provide equipment to repair a road; sometimes it will make a donation for school facilities. In each instance the action is decided in conjunction with the local landowners and/or community.

Our company is providing decent employment and imparting a wide range of skills so that people, especially from the rural area in which we are located, can participate in Fiji's growing economy. This increases their capabilities within the company in line with their interests, and expands their potential for future employment.

Some things such as reducing the drift to the larger towns, and protecting young people from some of the damaging influences in modern life, concern us too. The small size of our company allows us to work closely with local landowners to help to strengthen their family and community life -- always in ways that they, not we, determine. We are also supporting their efforts to maximise the benefits of the company's activities, including royalties, so that they can be enjoyed by future generations.

APR takes especially seriously its obligation to minimize impacts on the environment at Wainivesi. Environmental planning is built into the company's work from the beginning, and first-rate environmental management, together with health and safety, is the highest priority in our operations. As a local company, APR wants to develop Fiji's mineral resources for the long term. We respect the land on which the Government has granted leases to the company, and we respect the landowners whose grandchildren and future generations inherit our legacy. This strong commitment is reflected in the company voluntarily paying surface leases 50 years in advance.

We meet our environmental responsibilities in many ways, including by:

  • using second-hand materials and equipment to lower our ecological footprint
  • minimising carbon emissions by making mine roads short and by lowering electricity consumption
  • keeping emissions from the mine well below internationally accepted levels
  • not releasing tailings directly into the river system
  • initiating a long-term project undertaking extensive environmental restoration of damage caused by careless logging and previous companies' mining, including re-processing of historical tailings and waste dumps and capping of acid-forming rocks with clay.
A small contribution to building stronger communities: APR's managing director addressed pupils at a local school as part of a "Say no to drugs" campaign – and staff members brought along a huge supply of ice cream!
APR has a policy of equal employment opportunity. We are proud to develop our employees' skills and training in diverse fields; one female employee has progressed to engineering studies at a university in Australia.
APR takes especially seriously its obligation to minimize impacts on the environment at Wainivesi, and applies world's best practice to environmental management. Frogs, by nature sensitive to pollution, thrive in the dam at Wainivesi.